Friday, 26 August 2011

Dead and Gone.


I don’t even know what should I say.. The duo has been with this family since last January.. We raised them when they were just few days old. I’m gutted when my mum informed they are gone. 

The picture above is one the reason why they’re so special. We considered them as our pet. We feed them by our hands. When they were babies, they used to ‘chirping’ around our yard. Chip,chip, chip!!! 

These cute little fellas even swim and dive in our homemade mini-pool. I don’t even know they could dive. Ian Thorpe’s wannabes! 

When they have matured, honestly they are not cute anymore as they used to be. But they’re getting even closer to us. They used to sneak behind me and stand still, till their chests touched my back. Then, they could remain as a statue for hours… Maybe they're impressed with my backside? haha

This is another wonderful moment captured by my brother. The memories will remains as it should be. A hug to remember..

P/S: sygnya..bela dari kecik,mati masa dah mengeram for 1month. xsempat netas pon…R.I.P

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mark & bark !

Siiiiapakah yang sudi, menghulurkan simpati..
Tolong tanda kertas-kertas ini...
Agar dapat ku rasa nikmati hari minggu,
Seperti insan yang lain i-innn~

P/S: Kenapalah exam 3 Form skali. Jenuh la kawe nok nando ni.Kawe da la sorang-sorang..kalo abc jo xpo la jgk.da 2 minggu nih,bilo mau abeh nk tulun bole pm.kehkeh Erk.. 200 paper JE lagi.. Bergegas kembali ke meja kerja! Cikgu,kena bertahan! eyearghh.. Assalamualaikum..