Saturday, 5 May 2012

Happy ? Noooohh


This is a bit lame 
because its already May
but i still
want to share last year SPM result. 

The percentage increases yet again !
It looks like whatever I've done has been paid.

I'm suppose to be happy but....
I feel frustrated, and I meant it 
It almost brought me into tears

when I realized that English just made 
some of the students' result look 
Some of them got 6A's but G in English
Two of my best students could only get C+

I feel sorry for them
and at one point I thought I'm guilty 
for those terrible results

But my mentor
A Guru Cemerlang
calm me down
he said

He knows the students
He knows what they're capable of
and what I achieve is something I should be proud of
because my students are too weak

I did realize they're weak
but i felt sorry for them 
because they work very hard  during classes

Later that night i received 
a message from my former student
on behalf of her classmates

Dear students,
NO need to apologize
I've seen your efforts 
I'm satisfied with all of those hard works you put in 
I appreciated all of those time we had in 2011

Thank You Very much! 

P/s: Sedih sebab nampak budak-budak dah banyak usaha tapi rsult...Urghhh!!