Monday, 28 November 2011

PBIM's Official Result

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Well Done Young Tigers!


I think you know what I'm going to write. What else, its all about last night SEA games footbal "finale". The future is bright. Through the tournament we saw young lads such as Nazmi, Irfan, Syahrul and the others show their class inspite of their young age.

I'm a tottenham fan & I love to watch them play. And did you know that there are similarities between Nazmi & Scott Parker. Some of you might say it is not fair to compare him with an England international. But, i just couldnt resist. They are similar in terms of their ability to control the ball and break up play.

I did realised my father is a big fan of Nazmi. He even said, "tengok cara dia main ni, xpayah amik SPM pon xpa".haha. However, lets hope this young lad dont get carried away by the success and continue to improve himself in the future.

Another important thing is only NOW people realised who is actually Baddrol Bakhtiar. I'm a Kedahan. 4 or 5 years ago when i mentioned about Baddrol to my classmates they will laugh. Now who is laughing?

Baddrol took a huge step in establishing himself one of the star in the tournament. I'm not saying he is a world class player, but he has the capability to do what it takes to be a field 'maestro'. When his shooting boot is on, he could score from distance. Not forgotten his ability to deliver good crosses around the penalty box. The most vital part is he can use both of his feet. Can you?

The tournament also saw the immergence of Syahrul. Ong Kim Swee liken him with Safee Sali. I dont see any similarities between these two. But Syahrul does posses a threat when he has the ball. Safee Sali is a 'beast' while Syahrul is a more like a player who loves to has the ball close to his feet. He likes to control it and put some tidy footwork to get pass a defender.

However I feel pity for the second goalkeeper because Apex is only 22 (if im not mistaken). Hahaha..There are a long way to go. With a good goalkeeper the defence will be more organised. As we can see, Fadhli and Muslim are solid throughout the campaign. In those old days both of them are like most typical defenders. They cleared the ball up field when they are defending. But now, Fadhli and Muslim did control the ball first & if possible they cleared it to their teammates to set up a counter attack. Well done.

Overall, all of the boys did very well and I'm excited to see these young lads progress in the next few years. All of them are heroes. My only concern is we need someone to replace Safee up front. We are going to miss him because he is already reaching his 30s. Thank you Harimau Muda. You've made my day.

P/s: I have lots of things to comment, but let make it simple.       RRRRoooooooarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

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Monday, 21 November 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 Report


Last year, i've ended my running calendar with the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM). But this year (due to some circumstances, eceh!), I started my running calendar with PBIM. Ironically it's already November, almost the end of the year.

I arrived at Queensbay around 12 am. I took the decision to come early because of the road closure & because of the fact that I could lost my way to Queensbay as I did last year. I parked my car & start examining the places. I need to know the location of the starting point, toilet, etc. I bought a bottle of drink & then, I sleep inside my car. The 'bed' is not comfortable but the wind does it job. Who needs an aircond?

I woke up around 3.45 am and change my outfit (aku tak mandi), eat my gardenia, drink, warm up, and walk to the starting line. Then, i did a slow jog and pace with some of the runners as part of the warm up session (I don't know who they are, tapi join je la.haha.).

When the race start i run smoothly but I'm a bit worried because the lack of practises. I run in a pace I used to & started to pace with a group of foreigners (bukan foreigners kenyan ye, yang ni cap ayam macam aku). If I'm not mistaken, they are four of them. The 10K feels so long since i havent compete for almost a year.

When I reach the bridge, the foreigners went ahead & tinggalkan daku kesepian. During this time the 10K Junior runners already released and went mad. They run like their life depends on it. I thought their body is made of paper. They look very smooth and almost get themselves flying.

I maintained my pace but i always slow down my step whenever i reach the water station. When i realised there is only half kilo to go, i longer my stride and push ahead. I end up my race very well. I think i can still improve my timing, If i started my training earlier. I will update this blog when the official timing released by the organiser.

On the bright side I notice that my legs up to the challenge even after a year of absence from the running event. I manage to run non-stop up until the finish line. But next time, i need to bring a tent and a toilet! (if possible). Because many of the toilet da kena bommm!

P/s: Bila result nak kluaq ni?!!

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Learning to be Faas-ter



I just bought a new pair of running shoe.

Bolt looks shocked, so do i. I've been craving for a lightweight shoes for years. I thought I am going to buy either the Brooks' T6, T7 or even Adizero. But at last, i've found those Pumas. Faas 200,250,300,400 & 500. So, what are the differences between these Puma's products?

You can refer to the scale above. On the left side, we have Faas 200, 250 & 300 which are lighter compare to the others. The Faas 200 is the lightest one they can offer. But you need to be aware that eventhough the shoe is lighter, it has lack of cushioning as it moves to the left side of the scale. The shoes which move across the right side of the scale are 'heavier' (heavier compared to the shoes on the left) but they are well cushioned.

I did my research and tested all of those series of shoes. The Faas 400 and 500 offer what i've already got from my Adidas Cushion Response 17. I need something different. So i've tried the 250 & 300. The 250 is very light but it does not fit my feet. so, i've tried the 300 which caught my attention. Once i've put my feet in, my feet just stuck with it. The shoe follow's my feet's shape and 'hold it tight'. aaaaa.. They're in love.

It is also the last pair of Faas 300. So, I bought it for RM209. I feel very comfortable wearing those pair. According to the scale they might have less cushioning, but it went well for me for yesterday 10K run. Nothing went wrong, and i'm not kidding I'm lovin it. And wait..The Faas is calling for another run! I'm coming 'bebeh'!

Faas : "Inspired by The Fastest Country" a.k.a Jamaica
(This is what they said in the Puma official website)

P/S: Faas is a Jamaican word which means "Fast". zasss..chow!

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