Monday, 21 November 2011

Learning to be Faas-ter



I just bought a new pair of running shoe.

Bolt looks shocked, so do i. I've been craving for a lightweight shoes for years. I thought I am going to buy either the Brooks' T6, T7 or even Adizero. But at last, i've found those Pumas. Faas 200,250,300,400 & 500. So, what are the differences between these Puma's products?

You can refer to the scale above. On the left side, we have Faas 200, 250 & 300 which are lighter compare to the others. The Faas 200 is the lightest one they can offer. But you need to be aware that eventhough the shoe is lighter, it has lack of cushioning as it moves to the left side of the scale. The shoes which move across the right side of the scale are 'heavier' (heavier compared to the shoes on the left) but they are well cushioned.

I did my research and tested all of those series of shoes. The Faas 400 and 500 offer what i've already got from my Adidas Cushion Response 17. I need something different. So i've tried the 250 & 300. The 250 is very light but it does not fit my feet. so, i've tried the 300 which caught my attention. Once i've put my feet in, my feet just stuck with it. The shoe follow's my feet's shape and 'hold it tight'. aaaaa.. They're in love.

It is also the last pair of Faas 300. So, I bought it for RM209. I feel very comfortable wearing those pair. According to the scale they might have less cushioning, but it went well for me for yesterday 10K run. Nothing went wrong, and i'm not kidding I'm lovin it. And wait..The Faas is calling for another run! I'm coming 'bebeh'!

Faas : "Inspired by The Fastest Country" a.k.a Jamaica
(This is what they said in the Puma official website)

P/S: Faas is a Jamaican word which means "Fast". zasss..chow!

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pJarT_FiZa said...

GOOd 4 u havin a new shoe...jeles jap...ringn sgt ke dat shoe?but then kale putih...ceyh..mine oso putih..neway..gud luck 4 d next race...

Syafiq Yahaya said...

last pair,xde choice. xde la rngn sgt,tp rgn la dr biasa. 0.7 ounces.lbh kurang 0.1 lbh kg

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