Monday, 21 November 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 Report


Last year, i've ended my running calendar with the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM). But this year (due to some circumstances, eceh!), I started my running calendar with PBIM. Ironically it's already November, almost the end of the year.

I arrived at Queensbay around 12 am. I took the decision to come early because of the road closure & because of the fact that I could lost my way to Queensbay as I did last year. I parked my car & start examining the places. I need to know the location of the starting point, toilet, etc. I bought a bottle of drink & then, I sleep inside my car. The 'bed' is not comfortable but the wind does it job. Who needs an aircond?

I woke up around 3.45 am and change my outfit (aku tak mandi), eat my gardenia, drink, warm up, and walk to the starting line. Then, i did a slow jog and pace with some of the runners as part of the warm up session (I don't know who they are, tapi join je la.haha.).

When the race start i run smoothly but I'm a bit worried because the lack of practises. I run in a pace I used to & started to pace with a group of foreigners (bukan foreigners kenyan ye, yang ni cap ayam macam aku). If I'm not mistaken, they are four of them. The 10K feels so long since i havent compete for almost a year.

When I reach the bridge, the foreigners went ahead & tinggalkan daku kesepian. During this time the 10K Junior runners already released and went mad. They run like their life depends on it. I thought their body is made of paper. They look very smooth and almost get themselves flying.

I maintained my pace but i always slow down my step whenever i reach the water station. When i realised there is only half kilo to go, i longer my stride and push ahead. I end up my race very well. I think i can still improve my timing, If i started my training earlier. I will update this blog when the official timing released by the organiser.

On the bright side I notice that my legs up to the challenge even after a year of absence from the running event. I manage to run non-stop up until the finish line. But next time, i need to bring a tent and a toilet! (if possible). Because many of the toilet da kena bommm!

P/s: Bila result nak kluaq ni?!!

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