Monday, 13 June 2011

Meet Mikey!


Mikey sounds so adorable & cute. But let me inform you that Mikey not my pet's name. This guy real name is Mike Tompkins

 *Gedik la pulak korang zoom-zoom gamba mamat ni!haha

I never meet himn (will i?) , but i heard about him through my 17 years old brother. This guy doesn't even need any kind of music instruments to record a music video. 
So how he did it?

He used " the opening in the lower part of the human face, surrounded by the lips, through which food is taken in and from which speech and other sounds are emitted" (wikipedia) 


Im not joking! why dont you just turn on the music video below. It will be play directly from Mike's Youtube account.

How was it? I told you..


He just recreated "Dynamite" with a group of non singers. His mentees are Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Ann Curry and Al Roker from Today Show.

After a several learning session and a little bit of editing, he's done. Have a look at this video. It shows how did mike started it from beginning of the lesson until he had the final music video done. Please note that the final video will be play on 06:02 minutes. 

Those hosts do really enjoyed the process aren't they? 
So did I (as a viewer). 
How about you?

 Let's end this post with "Fireflies" by Mikey!

Just Awesome!

P/s : Sorry la kalau readers da tau pasai mamat ni. saya lambat skit  banyak. haha


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