Saturday, 17 December 2011



I have a new favourite series dude. Guess what it is? 

I'm addicted. Now this series has run to it's 2nd season. I thought fishing means to catch fish but those Cajun & Houma have different idea. Fishing means hooking & shooting alligators. They do it for living.

These guys practice gator hunting for hundred of years. They inherited the skills from their ancestors. They are hunter, but they will be in the swamp for 30 days in a year to hunt gators! I love to watch the series because of this man..

Troy Landry. He is a living legend. No other hunters in the series entertain me like he did. He is a cheerful guy. He likes to make jokes with Liz and Jacob. Some of his famous quotes are:

 "Yea yea yea"
"A tree shaker! A tree shaker!"
"That's a big one"
" That's what I'm talking about"

And this is my all time favourite
"Choot 'em! Choot 'em!"

These guys are awesome. That includes Clint, Liz, Bruce Mitchell, Nick, Joe, Tommy, the Junior's, the Paul's and Terral. I'm amazed. I'm not the only one though..

This little girl also interested. So does 
the boy in the video below.

And look at the videos below, comes from parent who 
are Swamp People's die hard fans.haha..

I just love to watch this show. I hope it never ends. 
Time to go. Swamp People Marathon coming up after this. See ya.

P/s: Did you realize Troy has a different accent? He says "choot" rather than "shoot".  Satu benda lagi, show ni ignatkan kita betapa susahnya nak cari duit. Kalau malas belajar,kena la rajin kerja. Macam depa kat atas ni. Tak berpelajaran rasanya, tapi sanggup ambil apa saja peluang untuk bagi anak bini makan. Bukan takat boya, ulaq pon jadi. Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang anda ada sekarang.

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enCIK RAMLi said...

i think better call this activity gatoring, or crocodiling.. hehe

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